The controversial Alex Jones talks with Patrick Bet-David from Valuetainment regarding Alex being banned from Social Media, freedom of speech and more.

Patrick questions Alex regarding his Sandy Hook comments.

What is your concern now that you don’t have access to social media today?

Patrick: What’s life like without social media?

Alex: It’s great because it gotten me to realize what I already knew that we are already shadow-ban, we are already being controlled, we are already giving our soul to this fraudulent thing. And so we need to build things outside of that to really create a free society. We now have more real viewers, more real listeners and more real people that we ever had.

It’s horrible to take someone’s digital identity, like the communist Chinese have done.

Alex Jones eats an Apple

AAlex Jones eats apple

What’s happened to traffic to your site after being banned? What happened on business?

Alex: Well, Alexa is run by Amazon. Three years ago┬ámore than 5,000 conservative sites were d-listed 80% in one day. Going into the campaign three years ago, Amazon d-listed everybody. That’s the same crap they keep pulling.