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Anything we do today is going to have some issue in the future, but that can’t stop us from getting started. So what are we waiting for?

Our culture of entrepreneurship is how we create so much progress

“Facebook wasn’t the first thing I built”
JK Rowling got rejected 12 ties before publishing Harry Potter. Even Beyonce had to write hundreds of songs before coming up with Halo.

When you don’t have the freedom to take your idea and take it into a historic enterprise, we all lose.

There is something wrong with our system

We all know you don’t get successful by not

Now it is time for our generation to define a new social contract.

We should have a society that measures progress not just by economic measures

We all need

Millennials are already one of the most charitable generations in history.
It’s not just about giving money, you can also give time.

We can all make time to give someone a hand.

Purpose doesn’t always come from work. The third way we can create a sense of purpose for everyone is by building community.
We have grown up connected. Ini a recent survey of millennials from around teh world, asking what defines our idenitty.. it was “citizen of the world”.
Every generation expands the circle of people we consider one of us , and in our generation that includes the whole world.

We get that our greatest opportunities are now global. We can be the generation that ends poverty, that ends disease.

Progress now requires coming together.

We live in an unstable time, there are people left behind by globalization across the world.

This is the struggle of our time, the forces of freedom, openness and global community against the forces of authoritarism.

This is ot a battle of nations, it is a battle of ideas. There are people in every country for our global connection and there are people against it.

Mark Zuckerberg Harvard Speech

We need to start building local communities right now.

We all get a lot of meaning from our communities.

Whether our communities are houses or sports teams, they give us the sense that we are part of something bigger, that we are not alone.

Change starts local. Even global change starts small with people like us.

Class of 2017, you are graduating into a world that needs purpose and it is up to you to create it.
Maybe you are asking yourself, can I really do this?

May the source of strength, who’s blessed the ones before us, help us find the courage to make our lives a blessing.

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