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Richard Lawson interviews Michael Jordan, one of the best (If not the best) basketball players in history.

Roads to success with Michael Jordan. He was 29 or 30 years old at the time.

You didn’t come from a wealthy family, did you?

Michael Jordan: My family was pretty much hard-working, my mother had two jobs, my father had two jobs. I learned the hard-work ethics that he basically used to live their lives.

What person had the biggest impact in your career?

Jordan: My brother. He was my challenge, my competition as a kid. In basketball, sports, we competed against each other, we used to get in fights, arguments about the sport.

You say you stumbled upon your dream. Is the level of success you’ve achieved, far beyond anything you’ve envisioned?

Yes, by far. I’ve envisioned myself playing as a kid, playing professional baseball. I had most of my successes as a child in baseball,

I (Jordan) got into basketball later.

Michael Jordan success interview

Lawson: You are without question one of the most gifted players I’ve ever seen.

What makes you different from other people?

Michael Jordan: It falls back to my parents in terms of how I approach a situation.

I never feel that I’m at my best, I feelI still have room to improve.

I still set goals to myself to strive for.

I’m never complaceive of what I’ve achieved. Even though it’s been very successful for me,

I still feel I have a lot to prove not just as a player but as a person, as a father, to some extend as a role model in all aspects. So I’m never really to complacieve with myself or what I’ve achieved.

When I get to a point I can¡t improve as a player, I’ll walk away from the game.

I still feel I have a plateau that I haven’t reached yet, when it comes to my skills. I will always expect of myself to do certain things.

My road to success is to continue to expand.


My dad taught me the hard work ethic – Michael Jordan