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Brandon Steiner

Sports legend Brandon Steiner stops by to chat with Gary Vaynerchuck.

Brandon is the CEO of Steiner Sports Marketing

On this episode, they talk about:

Rebooting sports radio, how Gary drilled him with questions during a four hour hockey game, the power of influencers, free marketing advice, the “too many passions” excuse, legend Yankee Phil Rizzuto, Facebook being the best blogging platform right now, doing more at your job, how to afford a “Drock” (Videographer) and more…

Success & bagels

Oh, and Brandon claims to have invented the “Everything bagel” at 12 years old.
Seth Godin also claims that, but 10 years later.

Brandon Steiner Ask GaryVee

Think about what if and day dream. I am a master day dreamer, I am day dreaming when I’m walking. – Brandon Steiner

Gary: As a kid, what were you about? Bradon: Hustle.

Brandon and Gary Vee give advice to callers who have doubts on the next direction to take in their career and life.

If you complain then change your situation, if you’re happy you’re good.

If you are never satisfied and feel very hungry and ambitious, keep on grinding.

You gotta try shit. It’s going to be worth the experience. You’ve already won.

More subjects discussed include:

Social Media growing, the importance of a signature under your email, and a potential creative collaboration and coming up with an the first signature concept for entrepreneurs.

Are you worrying about how much you are paying? Don’t focus on that,, focus on what . you are going to make!

Question of the day: What’s your favorite moment, the moment that you cherish that you will never forget?

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