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Unlock your super power, short one-minute video of Tai Lopez sharing knowledge,  some truths about people.

Tai: What’s the greatest super power you can possess?
Easy. It’s not being able to fly or anything like that…

It’s the ability to read people.

Every good or bad thing in your life will come form people. It’s basically a people problem, that’s what life is, it is solving people problems.

Your ability to read people, and filter out the bad, and bringing amazing people and keeping them there… that’s everything!

That’s more important than you being able to make money or anything, people strive after it.

They don’t teach you anything about this in school.

Tai Lopez knowledge

You must learn psychology.

There’s tell-tale signs, you can read the signs ahead of time, you don’t have to get burned.

Every good or bad thing in my life, has come from me ignoring the signs

Do not ignore the signs

Some of them are common sense, some of them are more advanced.

The things like narcissism, machiavellianism, psychopathy… these are common.

About 25% of people in the world have serious psychological problems, learn to filter.