Louie Psihoyos with Joe Rogam

Louie Psihoyos with Joe Rogan (Ep #1388)


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Louie Psihoyos stops by to chat with Joe Rogan.

Louie has been a photographer for National Geographic and now turned Film Director. He is responsible for The Cove, Racing Extinction, The Game Changers

How did you get involved in The Cove? There was a good friend of mine, Jim Clark. He started Netscape, Silicon Graphics, WebMD.

I was in the information revolution and Jim Clark was sort of the Steve Jobs of our generation.

Would you teach me how to be a good photographer?, Jim asked.

He made 3 companies from scratch worth over a billion dollars.

If you teach me how to be a billionaire I’ll teach you how to be a good photographer, Louie responded.

Coincidentally, on one of this trips on the Caribbean, his kid is playing with another kid at the beach and it happens to be Steven Spielberg’s kid. Louie asked him for advice on making a first film. He said, simple: Avoid working with boats and animals.

The documentary The Cove changed a lot of people’s minds.

Has anybody come up with any sort of comprehensive plan or anything that makes sense where they can viably repopulate the ocean?

I think it’s impossible