Jordan Belfort with Anthony Cumia

Jordan Belfort ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ Interview


Anthony Cumia and Dave Landau interview Jordan Belfort, worldwide known as The Wolf of Wall Street.

What’s a secret that you would tell your kids for the first time they do public speaking?

The way you made that much money, that’s what finally got you in trouble.. What was illegal about it?

No, the illegal part was smuggling the money to Switzerland, that’s what I got in trouble for.

Can’t you just take your money and go to Switzerland?

Not millions of it, maybe a few dollars you can.

It wasn’t like a Madoff scam, right?

No, it was a legitimate company with legitimate IPOs, and we did some stock manipulation in there. But the big thing I got in trouble for was taking profits and hiding them for taxes and so…

How much money would you say you made?

Hundreds and hundreds of millions. I made a lot of money.

Here is my take on money: While it doesn’t buy you happiness, a lack of money is a passport to misery. If you are miserable, I don’t care how much money you have, you are going to be still miserable.

Jason Belfort

Communication itself is broken down into three distinct chunks.

  • The words you say
  • The tonality in what you say them.
  • Your body language as you say them.

Unconscious communication

Words go to the logical mind.

What happens very often when someone is not natural, very young. They prepare and rehearse.

Jordan Belfort quotes
Jordan Belfort

I would actually coach them and prepare them to learn how to give a successful speech, to hopefully have a good experience from it. If they got a negative experience from it, then learn what the lesson is.

Do you think the majority of people give up right away?

People might take that chance one time, and if it doesn’t pan out… they just go… f’ it.

Some people yes, they are not resilient. Some people are more resilient and become decent at it. Others say , I don’t care how many times I fail.

Children when they are born they don’t know how to walk. We all walk and we take it for granted. why?

Because learning to walk we fall down 8,000 times and every time we fall down, as a child, we know intuitively I’nm not supposed to walk perfectly first time.

Same thing with everything. You pick up a raquet for the first time, you will need lessons, practice.

Do you want to play piano, ?take piano lessons!

Do you want to play tennis? Take tennis lessons!

Do you want to know sales? Take sales lessons!