Being taken for granted.

How to stop being taken for granted (Real Social Dynamics)


Get Present

RSD Tyler opens up and gives us another valuable video for personal development.

Self love, self beliefs, trauma release, presence work, gratitude.

Less is more

Concentrate on the vibe, just give a good vibe.

What is the vibe? What is a good vibe?

How can I put out a good vibe an then draw people into me where they want more of what I have to offer.

When you are going out and meeting somebody right off the bat. Someone you want to make friends with, network,. Someone you are attracted to and want to get a date with.

As you put out good vibes they are going to know more about you.

Well, if you are putting out good vibes, it’s going to draw them in. They want to get it out of you , rather than pon

There’s two different types of information.

If you are in a city, and something is readily available you don’t value it as much. The state of consciousness.

Taken for granted. Human beings, we only tend to value that which we invest into. The reason why, this is a function of evolutionary psychology.

Imagine you are living in prehistoric times, you are putting a huge effort to build a place to live, a huge effort to hunt an animal, to get some fruit or some vegetables. There’s only so much time and energy in your lifespan. There’s a scarcity of it. What tends to happen is that if you put a lot into something, you are afraid of losing it.

How much are people investing in you?

The human mind’s inability to be present to the moment, unless we train it to do so. Have you read Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now? If not, you should do so. You will benefit greatly from the power of being present in the moment.