Successful people's habits

12 Habits successful people do (Part 1)


Everyone knows success is about habits, and you probably have heard the same classic and cliche advice for success with business and relationships.

But it’s worth watching this video and learn about the 12 shocking habits most people do not practice, but successful humans do.

Productive habits.

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1. Waking up early.

The most successful people know that a simple change in their routine can make the most difference. By starting each morning at 5 or 6 AM you are adding more hours to your day.

Not all time is created equal

Studies show that productivity peeks first thing in the morning when our bodies and minds are fresh and full of energy.

Too many people try to achieve their goals after work, only to end up too tired and distracted. If you want to be successful trade in a night wasted watching Netflix or browsing social media for a morning of goal setting and accelerated productivity.

Get a head start and make your dreams a reality while everyone else is sleeping.

2. Treating failure like gold.

Any successful person will tell you that failure is not only necessary, it’s golden. But only if you know how to learn from it.

Every successful person learns that failure is inevitable. That’s the first lesson. “All of your dreams will come true seamlessly” it’s just not true. You are bound to run into a few roadblocks along the way towards your dreams.

Successful people aren’t scared of hitting them, they don’t internalize their failures or get discouraged because they know how to profit from their own mistakes. According to leading psychologists, simply reviewing your failures can have remarkable effects on your productivity and attitude.

It may seem tedious and foolish, but success depends on your ability to learn why and how you fail.

Just like Bill Gates, whose first business venture completely flopped. Or Walt Disney who bankrupted an animation studio before building his empire.

If you want to be successful don’t let your failures break you, but let your failures make you stronger.

3. Ignoring conformity.

Whether you realize it or not, conformity is a powerful social force that effects nearly every decision you make, but only if you let it.

Live outside the box

The most successful people don’t just think outside the box, they live outside of the box too. If you spend every day trying to copy what is popular or what you see on TV you are missing one of the most important parts of success: innovation.

Successful people take advantage of the modern world by putting their own spin on it. They recognize a problem and create a unique solution, rather than just following somebody else’s footsteps. By going against the grain, people who don’t conform make a niche for themselves, offering a service or opportunity that no one else can provide.

Successful people also avoid the pressures of comparison by avoiding social norms which can be detrimental to motivation and productivity. In this day and age it is far too easy to judge our own work against thousands of others, so don’t fall for this trap.

Successful people think for themselves and produce projects that reflect them as unique individuals, not whatever happens to be popular that week.

Take a couple minutes for these three points to sink in, and then continue reading the next habits for success.