Sylvester Stallone biography

Sylvester Stallone Biography



Biography of Sylvester Stallone, global icon.

His life story has been as dramatic as any Hollywood movie.

Silvester Stallone was born in the charity ward of New York’s Coronel Hospital. It was a difficult delivery and he got permanent nerve damage from it.

Terrone Stallone was going to be his name, but his father changed the name on the birth certificate without consulting his wife Jackie.

Frank his dad was an army veteran, old fashion and traditional compared to Jackie, a beautiful chorus girl at New York’s Diamond Horseshoe club.

Stew artists took care of Stallone at the boarding house.

Stallone debuted on Bananas, Woody Allen’s film.

Henry Winkler based his Fonzie character on Sly.

“His persona helped me form The Fonz”

It was 1974 when Stallone packed up his bags and moved to California. The car he was driving broke down in Hollywood, on Sunset Boulevard.

He didn’t know anyone in town by Henry Winkler, and he called him asking for help.

Sly and Sasha married and moved into an apartment on Hollywood Boulevard. Stallone started finding work in some movies, and he later got casted as a police officer on the TV show Kojak.

He shared the screen with Chuck Connors, during the series he brings up the name “Rocky”, he had been working on that character, without knowing where it would take him.