Julien Blanc - What are you escaping?

How often do you escape your life?


What is your calling?

Julien Blanc, AKA JulienHimself on another wise video, going deep into the meaning of life and success.

What do you want to do in life?

Most people have no idea.

They are just existing, drifting through existing until death. And you can see it in their eyes. Who is alive, who is connected to that calling, who is acting out of authenticity and who is dead inside.

JulienHimself’s seminar

People live dead inside, doing something they don’t like, something that’s not authentic to them, trying to please people they don’t care about.

Juts existing. Another day, another day. I’m old, I’m dead.

How much do you escape life?

When you go home after work, what ‘s the first thing you do?

Let’s put the next Netflix show on, the next movie, the next Youtube video.

How often do you escape yourself? How often do you escape your life?

“Life was something I had to survive. The faster that time passes, the better”.

Julien Blanc

Find your passion

There was a point when Julien used to prefer being asleep than awake. And sure many of us are or have been there at some point.

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