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Sylvester, are you ready?
No, but Rocky is.

The beginnings

Silvester Stallone

He used to sit in his tiny apartment (It was a room) and began writing his stories on a legal pad and a pen.

He was interested in the process of unrealized dreams

He had no money, even tried to sell his dog

One night he went to see Muhhammad Ali fight Chuck Wepner, and that’s when everything changed.

He describes what he saw as something very extraordinary. He was a seeing a mand who had no chance fighting against the greatest in the world. For one brief moment, this man turned to be magnificient, not only did he last but knocked the champion down.

This was a great metaphor for life

His entire life crystalized at the moment, he would be remembered for all the eternity, he did something extraordinary.

I said, now that, is something what I probably need as a catalyst for an idea… a man who is going to stand up to life and take one shot and maybe go to the distance,

So I started to write, and it was one of those writing frenzies, and three days later I’d came up with the script of Rocky.

The script by no means was a finished piece of material. It was probably about 90 pages and maybe 10% of it remained in the final script, but it was done. Originally Rocky, the film was very very dark.

The antihero was the favorite kidn of character of that day. The original character was very dark, so it took plenty of rewriting.


Stallone was at a casting call for an acting gig, which didn’t go very well. On his way out he mentions that he does some writing and mentions the wrestling and boxing stories he is working on and the executive tells him, well, bring it around.

If he hadn’t stop on the way out, this would’ve never happened.

Originally they were very enthusiastic about the sript, except for the idea of Stallone playing the part of Rocky. There were plenty of candidates, but Stallone persisted and insisted.

He had $106 dollars in the bank at the time. They kept offering more money to him for teh movie and to NOT act on it… up to the point of getting offered $360,000 dollars.

He knew, in the back of his mind, that if he sold the cscript and it did very well that he was going to jump off a building.

He needed to be in it, he knew it was a risk, but he believed in his gut.

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